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Why choose Local Car Removal?

You have a car in your garage, which is unnecessarily occupying valuable space in your garage. As it is your garage is small, but you have to accommodate this old car too. So why don’t you call your Local Car Removal company in Melbourne? We deal in all kinds of cars and we wouldn’t prove to be a disappointment. We consider our customers as king and serve them whole-heartedly and to the fullest. Let us serve you and you’ll know how good we are. Our services are A-one and if you sell your car to us right now, your pocket is going to be filled with cash. Holiday-time is fast approaching and any amount of extra cash you get will do you good.  So why are you delaying? Give us a call now.

What we Offer

Cash for Cars

We have been serving Melbourne for the past 15 years. Our consultant will come over the very same day and we’ll take away your car for cash the very same day

Car Wreckers

If you want to earn the maximum price for your car? Then you should be approaching us. We are the best car wreckers in Melbourne and the neighbouring areas.

Car Removal Service

Free removal of your old car scrap. Hassle-free car removal is our trademark and you’ll get a first-hand experience of our service only by calling us.

Why Choose Certified Service?


Old Car Removal with Local Car Removal

If you have a wrecked, old, unused or damaged car in your garage, then definitely you need help from your Local Car Removal in Melbourne. We will not only help you to get rid of your car, but also give you cash in return. Doesn’t this proposal sound like a cherry on the icing? So what are you waiting for? Make a phone call to us today and we will come to fetch your old unused car. We buy any kind of car from you, a SUV, jeep, bus, truck, motorcycle or a sports car. The model and make also does not bother us, as we take all types of vehicles. We have been operating in the Melbourne Car Removal business, since a very long time and we ensure that we give you the right money worth for your vehicle.


Every Scrap Car is gold for us

Don’t ever think that your car is totally useless and not worth a penny. With Car Disposal Melbourne, this is not the case, for us every piece of scrap is gold. We have been in this car recycle business for a long time and we know how to make use of every car scrap. This is the reason why we are famous in Melbourne and the nearby places. Therefore, even if you have kept a car in your garage thinking that it is worthless, just give us a call and it might be worth much more than you can imagine.


Convenient way to dispose off your car with Local Car Removal  

You might not have much time to spend to get rid of your car lying in the garage and catching dust, but let us resolve this issue for you. Call old car removal service in Melbourne today and we will take away your car without any hassles at your convenient time. We will not barge in at any time, but fix an appointment with you and only drop in at the designated time. To fix an appointment with us call 0435 470 447

What Our Clients Say

– Virgina I.

“Local car removal impressed me on multiple levels. We have no regrets!”


– Cindra Q.
“I will recommend you to my colleagues. The best on the net! Local car removal is awesome!”

They remove my car on the same day with the best price as compare to others.


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Cars We Buy

What do we do to your used cars?

Questions as to what we do to your used car are bound to arise in your mind. What we do is we recycle your old car.  Recycling can be done in different ways. Sometimes we are able to use it for parts. There are people out there who need cars at cheap rates and we are doing goodwill by making these cars available to them. So with one single car recycle, you got money, we got money and that needy person who wanted a car to drop his or her child to school or to get to office on time got a car within their budget. Therefore, by helping you get rid of your car, we got the opportunity to serve so many people.

We are here to serve and not only for profits

We don’t disagree that making money is definitely on the back of our minds, as we are in business for profits. However, profit is not the only purpose, we are here to serve people and help people like you to remove your car, lying dirty and unused from your garage. Due to this car lying in your garage, you often argued with your spouse saying that there is no place for a new car. Now with our help – The Melbourne Car Removal expert, you are able to make your spouse’s dream come true and we are sure you will be thankful to us. Oh! We do love to see those smiles on your faces. So pick up that phone and make a call to us, before your old unused car loses further of its value, whereas it’s gold for us. We, the Local Car Removal company in Melbourne know exactly to whom can we sell this scrap and how useful it’ll be to them. So let the experts do their job, you just need to give us a call and relax.

Documents required to remove your car 

The only thing you need to do is check your used car for any items you must have left inside by mistake before your old car removal and ensure these things are available:

  • Removing of the number plate or sell with plates
  • Clear Permission for the towing
  • Your driver’s license

We deal in all kinds of models and makes

We deal in Melbourne car removal of any make like Toyota, Hyundai, Mercedes, BMWs, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen etc. The year it was bought also doesn’t matter to us, as we are not concerned with it and the model of your car too. Obviously, we know it’ll be the model of the year in which you bought it in, but we never ask the age of your car ever. So if you got an unused car lying in your garage, seek our help by calling us. We are ever ready to help you.

100% free towing of your unused car

We will not charge you a penny to tow away your unused car in Melbourne or in the neighboring areas. We will instead pay you for your old car. So you needn’t let that old car lie in your garage and occupy precious space out there, as your old car removal is very easy with us. Just give us a call and we’ll come for inspection and give you a quote. Our inspectors will never pop up at an inappropriate time and this is our promise to you.

We ensure our staff is polite and competent

We appoint our staff with extreme caution and ensure they have the required skills. We very well know that our reputation lies in the way our staff behaves, be it our customer service representatives or our inspectors, all are polite and well behaved. Our staff is a matter of pride for us and they never fail us, as we have hired them after meticulously conducting various rounds of interviews and additionally we provide them with training on etiquettes.

Our payout is the highest

You can compare our payout with any other used car removal company in Melbourne. We believe in pleasing our clients and keeping them happy. Our aim is to stay in the business and not make you our one-time customer, instead we want you to go out and recommend us to your relatives and friends. Hence, we give priority to customer satisfaction rather than mere profits.

Cars We Buy

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