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  • Same Day Free Car Removal
  • Cash For Cars Melbourne
  • Get Up To $12,999 For Your Junk Cars
  • We Pay Cash For Trucks, 4X4, Utes, And SUVs
  • We Accept All Make, Models, And Brands
  • We Buy Scrap Car With Or Without Rego
  • Free Instant Quotes Online

Get A Quote In 60 Sec!

    Get Instant Quote for Car removal of Wrecked, Unregistered, or Scrap Cars & Trucks

    We are the finest and reliable Car Wreckers in Melbourne and offer simple ways to sell your Scrap Car with the help of our online quote form. Our Car Removal services are simple and hassle-free. You can get instant Cash For Cars by reaching us online, or you can visit our office for this purpose. Surely, we are the professional Used Car Buyers, and our ultimate goal is to offer you top cash for your unwanted and useless car. No matter if you have local vehicles or commercial, we can still accept your vehicle regardless of its condition. How to Sell my Car shouldn’t be a concern for you because we know how to turn Junk Cars into a valuable asset.

    You don’t have to follow any complicated process to be in business with us as we follow a simple Car Removal process to buy your used cars. We are the professional old car sellers, and our key objective is to pick-up the wrecked and unregistered vehicle and offer you top Cash For Cars in return.

    Get Cash For Cars, Trucks, Jeeps, Buses, Vans, and Utes by following three easiest and simpler steps. Trust us; by following these steps, you can sell Junk Cars without much effort. 1- Call us to get an instant quote for your car 2- Accept our quoted offer 3- Get your cash. We offer exceptional Car Removal services for your Junk Cars and provide you a great opportunity to get immediate cash at your doorsteps. Therefore, how to sell my car isn’t a concern anymore because you can call us anytime to get the perfect valuation for your Scrap Car. Interestingly, we provide Car Removal services and dismantle your used car parts by using the latest tools and equipment.

    How The Entire Car Removal Process Works

    We value your time and comfort, so follow these easiest steps and sell your old cars to the top Car Wreckers in Melbourne.

    1. Contact us to get the quoted offer for your car.
    2. Sell your unwanted car
    3. Free Car Removal and towing
    4. Enjoy top Cash For Cars
    car removal Melbourne


    Car removal Melbourne


    car removal Melbourne


    Offering Maximum Cash Up to $9,999 for Scrap Car Removal

    • Free immediate quote: You can call us anytime or contact us via email and provide us some basic information about your car. No matter if you have wrecked, rusted, smashed, and Scrap Car in your backyard, we will buy it, and you can get the highest maximum Cash For Cars for up-to $9,999.
    • Accept our quoted offer: Our professional appraisers properly evaluate your car. We calculate every part of your vehicle and offer an unmatchable provide in return.
    • Prompt & Convenient services: As we mentioned earlier, our car buying process is simple and hassle-free. Once you accept our quoted price, we visit your preferable location and pick-up your car.
    • You can get on the spot Cash For Cars.

    Why Choose Local Car Removal To Sell Your Car In Melbourne

    No one wants to keep Junk Cars in the car yard as they only occupy space and are of no use. That’s why; we have decided to buy your scrap car, and you can get top Cash For Cars this way. We are the professional and licensed Used Car Buyers in Melbourne, and millions of satisfied customers are already a valuable part of our business. If you want to get the idea about our outstanding services as a professional Car Wreckers, then you can check our customers’ reviews for this purpose. We don’t want you to waste your money on paying for ads, undesired inspections, and complicated car repairing processes.

    You can sell your old, new, wrecked, dented, smashed, accidental and unwanted cars by contacting us. Our expert car buyers will make the entire process of removing Junk Cars easier for you. We assure you that we don’t charge any hidden fees for this process, and our paperwork process is also simple to follow. Thus, enjoy our free Car Removal services, free-up car yard by selling your Junk Cars, and grab top Cash For Cars without any real effort. You don’t have to wait for a month to get the quotation for your car because our professional appraisers provide instant quoted price without spending much time.

    Top Car Removal in Me­lbourne Reveale­d

    Melbourne is always buzzing. Thus, good car removal se­rvices are vital. Got an old, damaged car or ne­ed more space? Car Re­moval Melbourne is here­ to help.

    Smooth Car Removal Approach

    Our car removal se­rvices are easy and straightforward. No more­ complex procedures or long waits. Car Re­moval Melbourne is all about quick and smooth service­.

    Fast Cash Deals

    We offer instant cash for your cars, no matte­r their condition. Your time and assets matte­r to us. Get quick, fair cash for your unused car at Car Removal Me­lbourne.

    Green Practice­s

    We don’t just remove cars; we­ care for the environme­nt too. Car Removal Melbourne dispose­s of cars responsibly, following the strictest e­nvironmental guidelines. Join us in going gre­en while bene­fiting from top car removal services.

    Re­asons to Choose Car Removal Melbourne­

    1. Efficient and Trustworthy Services

    We­’re dedicated to providing quick and re­liable car removal service­s. If speed and depe­ndability matter to you, we’ve got you cove­red.

    2. Fair and Transparent Transactions

    Nothing hidden, eve­rything laid bare. Car Removal Melbourne­ gives straight answers, fair estimate­s and guarantees the top price­ for your car.

    3.Professional Team

    Our staff are ve­terans in their field, with custome­r satisfaction at the heart of what they do. From the­ first question to the last car towing, prepare­ for a service that goes be­yond your hopes.

    4. Acceptance of All Sorts of Ve­hicles

    Be it a car or a van, a truck or an SUV, Car Removal Me­lbourne can handle it all. Regardle­ss of the type or brand, we’re­ equipped to relie­ve you of it.


    5. Free Up Your Space

    Say goodbye to the­ old heap eating up precious room in your carport. Our se­rvices aim to give you your spot back, no struggles include­d.

    Steps to Utilize Our Service­s

    Beginning with Car Removal Melbourne­ is as simple as ABC:

    1. Connect With Us: You can get in touch with our we­lcoming crew either through a call or online­ to supply information about your vehicle.
    2. Obtain a Quote: You’ll ge­t an immediate cash proposal based on the­ data you share. No commitment nee­ded, no unseen e­xpenses.
    3. Plan for Removal: Afte­r you give a thumbs up to our offer, we’ll sort out a conve­nient slot for your vehicle’s re­moval.

    Advantages of Choosing Professional Car Removalist Melbourne

    There are endless benefits of choosing professional Car Removal services if you want to get rid of unwanted cars. Firstly, you can get the top Cash for Cars without any effort. Secondly, you can clean-up your car yard by removing unwanted Junk Cars. Lastly, the peace of mind you get after selling the old car is incomparable. You don’t feel worried about expensive car repair services, or you don’t have to waste your money on your car advertisement. So, feel free to contact us anytime, as our outstanding services will never let you down.

    car removal Melbourne
    • Cash For Junk Cars- Deal With Proper Assurance

    We offer unbeatable Cash for Cars because, as the finest Car Wreckers in Melbourne, we make the best use of your wrecked, smashed, scrap, and Junk Cars. No matter if your car has stopped working because you can contact us for free car pick-up services. Our trained and expert team offer free towing services without harming your property. Our main objective is to pick your car within 2 hours and offer you instant Cash for Cars in return. If you live in Melbourne or its neighboring region, we are just a call away. Stop wondering how to sell my car and how much cash you can get for your old car. We make sure that your vehicle receives the best value after its proper valuation. You can trust our millions of satisfied customers’ reviews on how they sell their cars and got top Cash for Cars without a hassle.

    How To Get Cash for Old Cars? - Why Sell Your old or Junk Car?

    The ultimate purpose of selling your old vehicle is to keep the environment clean and healthy. We follow all the latest regulations and policies before dismantling your cars. Moreover, it is quite difficult to repair your old or accidental car, so Car Removal is the most suitable option to consider. We work for environmentally friendly disposal, which is extremely beneficial for everyone. Our Cash for Cars services are easy to understand and simple to follow. That’s why; we don’t want you to keep the unwanted car in the car yard if it doesn’t provide you any benefit. 

    Auto Recyclers Melbourne & 4wd Wreckers Melbourne

    Firstly, we are well-aware of the fact that there are so many 4X4 in Melbourne, Australia. Most of them are too old to drive properly. So, we also remove 4X4 vehicles and recycle them using environmental-friendly equipment. Moreover, we not only offer top Cash for Cars but provide you a perfect chance to get cash for unwanted 4wds & free Car Removal. We proficiently dismantle all types of vehicles, including trucks, jeeps, utes, vans, etc. So, if you want to earn some extra bit of cash, then look no further. Contact us today and get a free quotation for your car.

    Cash for Trucks & Truck Dismantler Melbourne

    As you know, we not only offer Cash for Cars but offer cash for trucks and truck dismantling services as well. There are so many junk car removals in Melbourne, but not all are fully licensed or certified. Most of the Car Wreckers don’t accept the vehicle in unacceptable conditions, but we take your vehicle regardless of its condition.  Contact us today to get the quotation for all types of unwanted trucks, including Mitsubishi, Hino, Isuzu, Ford Trader, Canter, Iveco, Kenworth, and more. 

    Our Car Wrecking Services

    • Cash for Any Make & Model

    The term Cash for Cars is strongly associated with selling your Junk Cars or scrap cars to car recyclers. It is extremely advantageous for everyone as it offers you top Cash for Cars. You can keep the environment clean.

    • Car Removal

    If you want to get top Cash for Cars, then don’t sell it to any junkyard without getting its quoted price. We will check your car’s condition in detail and offer you the top cash as per your car’s requirement.

    • Car Wreckers

    We wreck every type of cars, trucks, jeeps, utes, SUVs, and 4X4. We also offer top cash of up to $9,999. You don’t need to look further because we are here to accept your car by overlooking its condition.

    How to Increase the Value of Your Old Car

    If you are concerned about How to Sell MY Car and want to increase your scrap car’s value, then follow these points.

    • Provide accurate information about your car
    • Properly clean the dashboards
    • Always provide correct details on models and years
    • Odometer Reading
    • Shine the Wheels
    • Remove dents and scratches
    • Tell clearly about an accidental car
    • Check Car’s mileage
    • Check tires
    • Clean your car before final inspection

    Even though it is a common checklist, but it significantly improves the value of your old car.

    FAQs about How to Sell My Old Car

    You don’t require complicated paperwork to sell your car.

    Generally, we need;

    • Original copy of your vehicle registration / Photo ID
    • Car’s Title (Not Mandatory)
    • Make, Model, Brand and Car’s Mileage Information

    Don’t worry about paperwork because we can manage everything for you.

    Always keep the following documents to sell your scrap car in no time;

    • Photo ID
    • The Vehicle’s Registration Number If Register
    • Make, Model and Brand of Your Car
    • Certificate of destruction (COD) [not mandatory]

    Simply, bring your car to us, and we will scrap it without a hassle.

    We have made car selling process simple and more effortless for you. Usually, you can get rid of the old, damaged, the unwanted and wrecked vehicle in a day. If you are from Melbourne and its suburbs, we can pick-up your car within 2, 3 hours.

    So, call us anytime and sell your car now.

    We are the finest and reliable used car buyers in Melbourne. We offer top and highest maximum cash for all vehicle types regardless of their condition. You can earn up to $9,999 for your smashed, rusted, accidental and flooded car in no time.

    No, we feel immense pleasure in accepting every vehicle type. No matter if you have truck, van, SUVs, Utes or 4X4 with you; you can sell it to us quickly.

    Yes, we are the trustworthy and professional car wreckers in Melbourne. We know the real worth of your car and can make it valuable. So, no need to keep your unwanted vehicle with you because you can sell it to us at most special rates. Our professional appraisers offer the best-quoted offer for your car according to its condition.

    So, earn some cash and sell your car to us.

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