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Cash for Trucks Melbourne

If you’ve got that truck lying idle and occupying valuable space in your garage, yard or driveway and you don’t know how to get rid of it, then we are here to help you. Call us and see how fast we remove this headache out of your life and that too for free, by offering you cash in return. Does it sound impossible? However, it’s not, so call us now.

Get a free quote for your trucks removal anywhere in Melbourne today

We say today because even if you are reading it at night, it doesn’t matter to us, as our business operates 24×7. We are serious about our business and hence work not as per the timings suitable to us, but 24×7 for your convenience. Our consultant will come and check out your truck and give a free quote and then you are the one, who decides whether you want to get the free truck removal Melbourne done the very same day or during the weekend.

Instant cash for trucks - Sell your truck today

Our payout is the highest for your old truck, irrespective of whether it’s in running condition or not. We accept any kind of truck. The payout is high with us because we have the right contacts to sell your scrap. Hence, we are able to offer you high cash for truck. We are licensed and insured, so there’s nothing to worry about. All the aspects of removing your unused truck are handled by us smoothly, as we are authorized to do so. Therefore, what you should be doing now is just giving us a call on  0435 470 447 and you can count on us to recycle even the last piece of your truck scrap in an eco-friendly way.

Cash for trucks

Why Us?

  • We’ll pick your calls at all times to give you cash for trucks, as we operate 24×7 and there’ll be no delay in attending to your call whatever time of the day or night you call
  • Our consultant can visit you at any time to give you a free quote for your trucks removal
  • Removal of your truck can be done the same day, if you so desire
  • You can get cash for trucks Melbourne the very same day
  • We are a licensed and insured business
  • You can be rest assured that we’ll dispose off your truck only in the most eco-friendly manner

The most relaxed way to sell your old truck is with Cash for Truck Melbourne

You have a truck, which you are finding difficult to sell, we’ll come and pay cash for it and that too more than you can expect. Of course, we don’t sell your truck, but resell the parts sometimes. Therefore, what you just need to do is give us a call or take an appointment online. Our consultant will visit you at your designated time only; never will he come to meet you, without fixing an appointment. We are in this business for the past 20 years and we have grown in fame only because all our staff are courteous, hardworking and make you understand everything very clearly and patiently. They are never in a hurry to leave and will allow you to take your time. to resolve any queries you might have. We have trained them to be patient and we hire them only after several rounds of interviews.  No short-tempered personnel are hired by us, as we know that our staff need to be extra patient with seniors especially. We are here to serve you and stay in the cash for trucks industry for years.

Trucks Removal with top dollars to you is our motto

We won’t deny that we are in the cash for trucks Melbourne business for profits, but we get you too top dollars, as we have the right contacts all over. We export scrap to other foreign countries and they know the value of the steel scrap they receive and pay handsomely, which we pass on to our customers too. Caring and sharing is the way of life in our company and that is reflected in our attitude towards our customers. Hence, we never insist that you drop your junk car at our warehouse. Instead, we pick it up from you for free. Offering you top dollars for your cash for truck is our motto and for this, we strive to get the best dealers for your scrap in the international market.

What are the trucks we buy? Cash for farm trucks

We buy trucks of any make or model. It’s not a matter of concern for us at all, as we are only  interested in the scrap we collect. The scrap holds value to us, not anything else, as anyways we are going to dismantle and recycle your truck. We don’t offer free truck removal Melbourne with any conditions applied. The important thing to remember is, we don’t drive your truck away from your garage or driveway, we tow your truck, so there’s no compulsion that it got to be in running condition. Of course, our appraisers will ascertain when they come for inspection whether your truck can be driven away or needs to be towed away. Therefore, everything will be taken care of by us, as it should be. You can just sit, relax and be stress-free, as far as this deal is concerned, as we are a licensed and insured company. We are not dealing in any illegal activity of selling scrap materials abroad, we have the permit and license to do so and hence do it. Giving top cash for cars is our desire, but we assure you that we will not get it for you in any illegitimate manner.

Some simple things you need to do before selling your truck to us

Since you used to use this truck for your regular use once upon a time, just check whether you have left anything behind in it at all. This has to be done before we arrive because once we tow it away and you call us saying that something is left behind, it would be difficult for us. We can’t guarantee that it might be recoverable, as sometimes the dismantling process starts immediately after your truck is towed. So just be careful on this front, rest we’ll handle and will offer you top dollars for your trucks and car removal.

Some simple things you need to do before selling your truck to us

Other things you must ensure that you possess are:

A proper driver’s license

Proper papers to the title of the car

Once these things are taken care off, leave the rest to us. You’ll be left with a smile on your face after this transaction, as your pocket will be filled with dollar bills and who doesn’t like extra cash coming their way? If you do not have the time to sell your truck, give us a ring today and see how a nightmare turns into something, which fills your pocket with money and you might be as though Where was I until now? What was I doing? Wasn’t I foolish to waste so much of valuable time for disposing off my rusty old unused truck. Anyways, better late than never, but do not let your relatives or friends make the same mistake as you.